Parabay Safe Browser

Free protection for your kids

Protect your kids without compromising their privacy. Don't let the big corporations save and analyze your kid's activity online.

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Parabay Timmy Finder

Find your coffee

When you need to find a TimHorton coffee shop, our app will give you directions to the nearest one.


Parabay Social TV

Watch facebook on your TV

Why do you want to scroll through unwanted posts when we can stream the content that you care about to your TV?.

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Our mission

Build applications that help customers access their data from anywhere.

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Cutting Edge

We leverage the latest technology to help us solve customer problems.

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Easy to Use

We focus on simplicity & ease of use in all our products

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Cross Platform

We create apps that work on all the modern devices.

Available on popular platforms

We are working hard to make our products available across all the platforms.

project 1

Safe Browser

SummaryFree browser that restricts kids to safe sites
ReleasedOctober 2015

Invest in your kids privacy for the future, don't let someone else create a browsing profile for you kids & track them forever.

project 2

Parabay Timmy Finder

SummaryFind directions to the nearest TimHorton
ReleasedOct 2015

Wherever you are, find the nearest TimHorton's shop easily.

project 3

Parabay Social TV

SummaryWatch your Facebook media on TV
ReleasedComing Soon

Catch up with your friends, watch beautifully curated videos & pictures from your own sofa.

  • project 1

    Safe Browser

    Free protection for your kids

  • project 2

    Timmy Finder

    Find your coffee

  • project 3

    Social TV

    Facebook on your TV

Customer Feedback

Here is what our customers had to say about our products.

"I've been looking for a FREE solution that doesn't analyze my kid's browsing behavior & attemps to profit from the data. This is it!"

client 1 Mark Sloan Customer

"It works as advertised, excellent browser that restricts kids to safe sites without compromising on features!."

client 2 Mary Clark Customer

"I found that I could manually change device settings to restrict usage of browsers, overall better than other paid solutions!."

client 3 James Newman Customer

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"


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